Wednesday, April 11, 2007


For Alson
Cheer up pal~


alson said...

thank you guy... i didnt became happier, but at least i felt abit warm and cared for. thanks for the lovely gesture pal.. really needed it..

XQ said...

tt's the least or even the most i can do to help...
tml will be a better day~!

Joejoe said...

yup, david is right.

no matter what happens in life, we shld always look forward and not backwards. But be glad that u are still alive to change for the better.

When something bad happens, there is always a positive effect in it. Depending on which angle you see!

PS: i like that picture David! :P

XQ said...

did i say tt?
glad tt everyone likes it~
feels like we are doing commercial for the restaurant...
thinking of printing it out and hand it on my wall, tt'll be nice.