Thursday, September 27, 2007

小强漫画日记 之 《ME 的 birday!~!》

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me and me friends~~谢谢大家带来的难忘和欢乐时光

this is how and where Bali CHILLI was created~ (click to enlarge pic)


Joe Joe said...

So long nv visit ur blog. Suddenly saw the post on ur birthday and the stupid joke abt 'Hamburger King' funny! HahHA...

It's really wonderful to have a group of really close friends celebrating birthday tgt. Glad we make ur day...Im happy too! :)

powder-baby said...

Hey David,

Happy Belated Birthday! Keep up the good work with your XQ blog and website. Its really nice and interesting, never fail to make me laugh. Haha.

Looks like you have many fans and competitions too! Great job with the publicity!

By the way, its a very nice cup. ;)

Take care okay?

a.k.a. Scarlet Red

XQ said...

Hey Thx~
I hope to create more interesting stuff for XQ~
Please stay tune~